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Hurricane Idalia

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This is a Journy to one of the Worst Hurricane that Northern Florida has EVER Had. The pictures Will Show you The Need to Properly Prune and Remove Trees That Need it Done. We helped A lot of People and the Thing I heard the Most is ( I WISH I WOULD HAVE HAD THE TREE TAKEN CARE OF BEFORE THE STORM.) Please Learn off of the Pain of these poor people. Take care of the trees around you.


Our Story

This Hurricane Brought Havoc to People with Very little money in life. Once we got there and set up camp I went out to talk to the people. Well as usual the other companies were trying to rip the people off with absolute outrageous prices to clean up there yards. Yes there were a bunch of trees down but God Protected The people of that town. Most trees were not on houses. GOD BLESS! So I went to work and I do Not go there to Hurt people. I go to help. That quickly sped around that town when a Retired School Teacher put out the word about our work after we helped her. Thank you. I got to help a lot of people. And Truley that is the best feeling I have ever had is when I hear The people say that (You must Be an Angel From God!) God Will Always Provide. I was Referred  To other people by that sweet teacher that cover all expenses and gave a little money in the pocket, but a HUGE BOOST to my Faith!

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